Maximising the value of
strategic partnerships

Partnering Excellence (PX) equips organisations to maximise the value of current and future strategic alliances.

Strategic partnering is an effective and essential growth strategy for many organisations. 85% of businesses credit alliances as being important or essential to their business’s success. In this evolving and fast-moving world, collaboration allows speed of delivery, innovation and greater customer access with a smaller investment than building, buying or joint venturing. 

Your alliances need to be delivered well to realise this value. Alliances are notoriously difficult to execute and have high reported failure rates. Value is often left on the table and there can be operational strain with challenging partnering. With support from PX your organisation can leverage and create effective Alliances that add value to your business. 

Partnering works. When it’s done well.

Our ‘why’ is to help organisations achieve more through effective partnering. ​We do this by offering specialist consulting services to organisations engaged in partnerships to help them achieve two key outcomes

  • Maximise the value of their partnerships
  • Create trusting and meaningful business relationships

At its core, partnerships are a set of complex human relationships between two or more organisations. They are unique and require specific strategies to create and maintain commercial alignment and people engagement.

PX has developed a methodology and approach that equips organisations to get the most from their partnerships. These services can be tailored to any organisation’s needs and include;

  • partner health checks,
  • internal capacity building,
  • reviewing tender performance or
  • execution support.

People and Companies. Who we work with.

Clients – We work with C-Suite leaders and their teams engaged in strategic partnerships.

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Referral partners – We partner with organisations seeking to complement the value of their service offerings with specialist Alliance expertise.

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Areas of expertise. The PX advantage.

Experienced Specialists

Our Specialist Consultants focus solely on partnering, and with over a decade of niche experience, we ensure our clients benefit from best practice support. PX are one of a few corporate partnering specialists globally.


Alliances require specific strategies to be successful. PX have bring a set of easily implemented, custom methodologies and tools, that we’ve developed from our extensive experience and best practice research.


We conduct objective health checks and tender reviews across all parties, to identify objective insights. As external consultants we bring an unbiased best practice approach to partnership reviews.


Our consulting approach is unique and proven to deliver positive results for our clients. We partner with organisations and journey with their teams to create buy-in and empowerment. We focus on practicality and implementation, not just theory.

Alliance failure rates are high. 60 – 70% are reported to fail in one study and in another study 43% reported failure rates of 60% or higher

85% of companies view alliances as essential or important to their business

57% of companies view gaining new customers as the main benefit of partnering

Best practices are underutilised – only 33% of companies have formal partnering strategies in one study and another reported that 40% do not employ best practices

Alliance failure rates are high. 60 – 70% are reported to fail in one study and in another study 43% reported failure rates of 60% or higher

85% of companies view alliances as essential or important to their business

57% of companies view gaining new customers as the main benefit of partnerships

Best practices are underutilised – only 33% of companies have formal partnering strategies in one study and another reported that 40% do not employ best practices

Key Benefits

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